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Whether you enjoy baking up a storm in the kitchen, tinkering around in the garden or want to add a bit of personality to your bedroom or bathroom, we have what you need. We are UK’s leading independent homewares and outdoor retailer. We strive to offer you a wide choice of products at affordable prices, so that your home has a little more and this has been our objective since day one when we launched our first online store in city, UK. From there we have grown rapidly. Today our store spread all across UK and Europe. We at Lozown rate our value second to none. Our buyers search high and low to find the best products at the best prices. That is why we say, “Believe us when we say, more savings every day”. One of our most important objectives here at our company is that you leave our store delighted. We make sure of this by putting more into everything we do. We offer More Choice; More Value and our team give an extra bit more to make sure that you have an excellent experience. If you visit our online stores you can be assured to receive a warm welcome along with enthusiastic help and advice. We really do hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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What we offer

We offers an unrivalled collection of creative kitchenware, practical time and effort saving ideas for the home, and inspiring gifts from all across Europe. Our Buyers search for innovative products that make life easier, before putting them through a rigorous selection and testing process to ensure they meet our exacting standards.


Our Motto

We want you to feel comfortable shopping in a House store. You are welcome to browse the extensive product range we carry at your leisure. When you need help or extra information, you can be assured you will receive friendly courteous assistance from our well-trained, knowledgeable staff.

We listen carefully to our customers, and we invest in what matters to them. Our focus is on offering a broad range of great value, high-quality products, strong availability, and excellent customer service, all delivered through attractive stores and convenient digital channels.



With our professional experience and thinking we can make your dreams come true and make your life easy by using our products.



Our main focus i our client satisfaction is the client is satisfied we are happy with our work that matters the most.



Since the day of our launch we offer same strong values of quality and customer care till now. We really hope you enjoy shopping with us and that you’ll love our products as much as we do.

"Wonder what your cutomer really wants? Ask. Don't tell."

Lisa Stone

Our team

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Amanda Lee


I am the founder of the company main goal is to satisfy my clients and their needs so there will be nothing worse for them managing my team is also my top most priority.

Adam Cheise


I am the co-founder of the company and my goal is to head all the team and give them instructions about the next steps we want to take.

Lary Flint


I am a graphic designer and my work is to make the product’s pictures in an amazing way and give them a final touch so they will more beautiful.

Melisa Pomero


I am from the team of support and my main work is to answer all the queries of the customers and give them answers as soon as possible and make them happy.

Shipping all across Europe

We offer shipping in europe and we can deliver the work all across the europe

Best Quality

Our quality makes us great and fine we don't compromise on it.

Best Offers

Our offers are for every season and can make them great discounts for you.

Secure Payments

Our payment methods are secure and good and we make them great.

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