18 in 1 Survival Gear Kits


Multi-functional tools suitable for different needs when you are in the wild;
Waterproof and shockproof can keep the tools in a safety situation durable and stable;
Light weight will not add much heavy on ur journey;
Can be a best gift for adventure club members and adventurer

Main Products

1. Large flint with butterfly handle;

2. Multifunctional scraper;

3. High-frequency double-hole whistle;

4. Bright light flashlight;

5. Multifunctional knife;

6. Army knife card;

7. Compass;

8. Portable key light;

9. Tungsten steel broken window defense pen;

10. Large waterproof and shockproof storage box.

11. Rope saw;

12. Portable screwdriver;

13. Multifunctional bracelet;

14. Knotted buckle;

15. Insulation wrapper ;

16. Alcohol cotton,

17 gauze.


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